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  • Look  102)   Look 1.0
    The program is intended for creation and optimization of cutting tickets of sheet materials. In it fast input of the information on orders and materials is provided; automatic and manual formation of cutting tickets; print of cutting tickets

  • MedCalc for Windows  103)   MedCalc for Windows
    Statistical software for biomedical research, also including ROC curve analysis, method comparison and quality control tools.

  • MaterialNet  104)   MaterialNet 2.58
    MaterialNet is designed for manufacturer, factory, distributor handling MRP, ODM, raw material logistic and distribution services.

  • Horizon Investment Analyst  105)   Horizon Investment Analyst 6.45
    Horizon Investment Analyst calculates profit, periodic, cumulative, & average annual total return, internal rate of return (IRR), capital gain, buy/sell prices, basis worksheets. Many charts. Very useful for investments w/multiple cash flows.

  • EZ-DepositSlip  106)   EZ-DepositSlip 2
    Create bank deposit slips with your PC with plain paper and laser printer. Customizable to any business or organization checking or savings account. Never run out of deposit slips (save $$ on pre-printed forms). No more messy hand-written slips.

  • Instant Quote Professional  107)   Instant Quote Professional 5.10
    Instant Quote Professional is a feature rich application designed for any business that requires quotes and invoices. Create quotes in seconds! Supports US, UK/VAT, Canadian and Australian GST systems.

  • FrameMaster  108)   FrameMaster 3.1
    FrameMaster is a FEM-program that helps you dimension almost all kinds of constructions: roof-trusses, floors, walls, bridges,furniture, shafts and much much more. FrameMaster is both one of the cheapest and most powerful program in its category.

  • Forexbody AutoTrader  109)   Forexbody AutoTrader 3.01
    Expert Advisor for MT4, and large collection of tested brokers. No need to watch the market if all you care about is making money in Forex. Accounts with major brokers updated live every 30 minutes

  • SampleNet  110)   SampleNet 2.58
    A Sample Order software for small size company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel Goods, Sporting Goods. Apparel, Garment, Fashion, Accessories, Shoes, Footwear, Handbag, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel, Goods, Sporting,

  • CoolTick Stock Ticker  111)   CoolTick Stock Ticker 8.6
    CoolTick is an simple, small, intuitive, scrolling stock market ticker. It's loaded with customizable options including your own list of as many stocks as you want to watch. CoolTick allows you to watch your stocks while you work.

  • Amortization Schedule Calculator  112)   Amortization Schedule Calculator 1.2
    Loan & Mortgage Calculator. You can calculate your loan plan using this tool. Just type your loan amount, loan length, annual interest and pay periodicity and you will get the detail of your loan payment.

  • 1 Invoice by Click- invoice software  113)   1 Invoice by Click- invoice software 2.0
    With this invoice software you can create invoices and receipts in seconds. Automatically mail and print documents. Use invoice software that supports state, county and city sales tax (VAT for the UK). Download free trial version.

  • Virtual Stock Trader  114)   Virtual Stock Trader 1.0
    Allows you to hone your trading skills using past data. With the Virtual Stock Trader Program you can evaluate how effective your trading strategies are in a variety of different market climates from bull to bear without risking any money.

  • Silent Spy  115)   Silent Spy 2.0.4
    Activity monitoring for network or home use, report on all user activity.

  • Invoicer Deluxe  116)   Invoicer Deluxe 7.8.7
    Create/Print Invoices and Statements,Save Customers, Save Items,Reprint Invoices, Create Partial Invoice and add to later. Print Mailing Labels,Print Receivable Report, Print Partially Completed Invoices Report, add a packing slip, Logo to Invoice

  • Stator-AFM (Standard)  117)   Stator-AFM (Standard) 2.0
    Powerful financial portfolio management software designed for traders and investors. Easily monitor trading and investing activities for a wide range of trading instruments and markets. Ideal way to keep track of investments and trading performance.

  • Downtime Recording (MS Access XP)  118)   Downtime Recording (MS Access XP) 2.17
    Recording and analysis of plant downtime, outages or stoppages for the performance measurement of maintenance activities in manufacturing or production environments. Includes functions for interfacing to process control.

  • ShippingNet  119)   ShippingNet 2.58
    A shipping document software for shipping department of import export trading company. It will generate invoice, customs invoice, shipping order, packing list, form A application, Certificate of Origin, Country declaration, Azo fee Cert.,

  • Cashflow Plan Free  121)   Cashflow Plan Free 1.31
    For preparing comprehensive monthly cash flow projections for cash planning, business plans, fund raising etc. for 6 months ahead. For smaller businesses. Includes roll-forward facility to simplify updating of projections.

  • Real-Time Quotes Downloader  122)   Real-Time Quotes Downloader 1.5
    This program allows you to download real-time quotes (US, German, Swiss and more stocks) from various Internet sites.

  • Journyx Project Time Tracking  123)   Journyx Project Time Tracking 7.1
    Free Web Time Tracking will Discover new profits in your business and automate billing. Automate Payroll with our New setup. Talks to MS Project.

  • Accounts Receivable  124)   Accounts Receivable 3.1.5
    Log and track all client transactions, assess late fees, create past due notices, print out reports, and generate work orders and invoices as well as track parts inventories with the Markosoft Accounts Receivable program.

  • ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale  125)   ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale 8.1
    Restaurant Point of Sales. Touch screen, scanner, keyboard or mouse. Track sales, Waiters, Inventory and Customers, Reservations, Split Payments, Split Tables. Print to Register, kitchen, Bar. Password security. USA, UK, Canada and Australian

  • EMS DB Extract 2005 for InterBase/Firebird  126)   EMS DB Extract 2005 for InterBase/Firebird 2.1
    EMS DB Extract for InterBase/Firebird is an utility for creating database backups in a form of SQL scripts. It allows you to save metadata of all database objects as well as table data.

  • ALCA Gestione del tuo negozio  127)   ALCA Gestione del tuo negozio 9.8.17
    ALCA e' un programma per la gestione del magazzino orientato verso aziende medio-piccole che necessitano in tempo reale e soprattutto facilmente di una gestione del proprio magazzino.

  • MoneyManager  128)   MoneyManager 7.8.7
    A full featured Business Accounting Program, all of the features of our Money Tracker Program. Adds posting of Service Completion Data as created by one of our Dispatching Programs. Should be used in conjuction with a Dispatching Program.

  • Annuity/Pension Payout +  129)   Annuity/Pension Payout + 1.2
    This program is a version of a fixed sum annuity or pension payout schedule. It runs under Win 95, 98,Me, XP & 2000. This program will demonstrate the length of time your annuity/pension payout will last at an inputted monthly withdrawal.

  • 1 - Instant OfficeView  130)   1 - Instant OfficeView 2.0
    Lan IN/OUT board with automatic In and Out posting. Personalized remarks allowed. It also includes a messaging system and displays who is actively using their workstation. No administration required. Board is updated instantly.

  • CVP optimizer  131)   CVP optimizer 1.0.6
    CVP optimizer uses the Markowitz-Sharpe approach as applied to planning to increase profitability of a company’s activities. Any purchases and sales are regarded to be portfolio investments with predicted returns on the investments optimized.

  • candlemaking  132)   candlemaking 1.0
    Candle making practice ebook preview by candles making business website. Candles making business dot com gives a snapshot of the candle making practice ebook and the other 2 complementary bonuses given for candle making business planning.

  • MayBells Job Pricer  133)   MayBells Job Pricer 2000
    MayBells Job Pricer is designed to help small shops and tradesmen set their prices accurately and profitably. Price all your jobs more profitably by taking into account all your costs, even hidden overhead expenses.

  • ProductNet  134)   ProductNet 2.58
    ProductNet is a simple database software used to manage all the product of your company. It will generate catalogue, product detail sheet, booklet and brochure.

  • kosmos FrontEnd for MS-Access  135)   kosmos FrontEnd for MS-Access 1.00
    Its based entirely on the n-tier technology. One at least application server must be istalled near the MS-Access database. The clients can be installed anywere in the Internet

  • Market System Analyzer  137)   Market System Analyzer 2.0
    Market Trading Software. Apply advanced money management strategies to increase trading returns and limit risk. Position sizing methods, dependency rules, equity crossover trading, significance testing, and more.

  • WebCab Options and Futures for .NET  138)   WebCab Options and Futures for .NET 3.0
    3-in-1: .NET, COM and XML Web service Components for pricing option and futures contracts using Monte Carlo and Finite Difference techniques. General MC pricing framework included: wide range of contracts, price, interest and vol models.

  • FeedFile Creator  139)   FeedFile Creator 1.06
    The program is intended for creation and converting of feed files which you can use with: BizRate, BrokenBin, CNet, CwebUSA, DealTime, Froogle, Google, iBuyer, NextTag, PowerSource, PriceGrabber, PriceScan, StreetPrice, Yahoo. Functions: Search, Copy

  • Billing Model Excel  140)   Billing Model Excel 10
    Forecast the impact of billing fee changes on Revenue, Profit and Client numbers. From basic billing and cost data billing change breakeven points are calculated for revenue and profit and you can build a forecast your business.

  • Financial Advisor for Excel (Full Access  141)   Financial Advisor for Excel (Full Access 2.3
    Borrowing, business profitability, discounted cash flows, financial planning, investing, bonds, cost of capital, options, valuation and more in this financial toolbox!!!

  • Interactive Voice Guide  142)   Interactive Voice Guide 4.7.25
    A powerful, easy-to-use system that quickly implements a professional voice response system into your business.

  • AprCalc  143)   AprCalc 4.0
    Feature-rich mortgage amortization program. Enter any three figures and compute the fourth. Supports fixed, variable, biweekly, Canadian, and more. Animated 3D graphs, 'rich text' notes, customized printouts, discount points breakeven, much more.

  • Mortgage Payment Calculator  144)   Mortgage Payment Calculator 1.0
    Mortgage Payment Calculator is a completely free and easy-to-use financial software. This is an essential tool to estimate monthly expenses on your mortgage: interest payments, property taxes and private mortgage insurance.

  • E-Rkive  145)   E-Rkive 2.1
    Archive e-mail with E-Rkive. The program interfaces with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to archive, restore, search, filter and compress e-mail.

  • My Portfolio  147)   My Portfolio 1.0
    My Portfolio allows you to update Google finance portfolio on your mobile phone. You need access to the internet and valid login and password. By entering this needed info you will be up to date with all Google Finance portfolio courses

  • WordHTML CV  148)   WordHTML CV 1.0
    WordHTML CV is an open source software that mass converts MS word documents into HTML files. If you need to move many Word documents online, WordHTML CV automates the process of conversion and saves you lots of time editing and creating the links.

  • Snappy Invoice System  150)   Snappy Invoice System 4.2.2
    Once you've spent just a few minutes with the program, you can prepare, print, fax, and/or E-mail invoices and sales receipts in seconds! Designed with ease of use as a primary feature, it will help you perform sales-related tasks fast and easy.

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